AirportTime Link

Figured I’d advertise my old AirportTime program here.

Very little of the software I’ve written in 30+ years can be used by normal consumers – this little ditty is one of the few exceptions.

I wrote while working at Expeditors International as something useful to write while learning VisualBasic (1.0). Over the years I ported it thru VB 2.0, 3.0, Delphi, and finally Lazarus.

Because it was it was written for a logistics company, it is designed to tell time using airport codes. Granted most people don’t know a lot of airport code, but those in logistics and travel tend to know hundreds of them (as I still do).


If you have an interest in using the program, it is available at

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1 Response to AirportTime Link

  1. Viper Joe says:

    Dan, cool app.
    Although i do think you have been out in the middle of nowhere country a bit too long.
    It seems your learning to stutter as you type
    from above: ”Because it was it was written” Haha

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