Moving In Day!

I’m moving in to my new Vostro 270 Windows XP system today.

I am SO sick of the Windows 7 issues that have plagued me for the past 9 months. When I saw someone selling a brand new Core-I3 system with XP I snatched it up immediately.

I started building the new system last Friday. Put in a 1TB Velociraptor hard drive (10K RPM), a better video card, and a 2TB 7500 RPM drive for backups. So far it has been a pleasure to use this system.

The Windows 7 system is a hi perf Core-I7 with 16GB of memory and I hate to see it get relegated to a secondary system, but it will simply be used to run the 4 virtual machines I used regularly (mainly development systems).

I have had a Win 7 Media Center system for 3-ish years and while it silently rebooted a lot the first year , it has been solid since. But heaven help me for trying to run old apps and hardware on Win 7 – it has been horrible in regards to backwards compatibility.

BTW, the new system is the first system I’ve ever built with a permanent Linux (Mint) partition so I can dual boot to Linux for maintenance. Just looking to the future when I finally drop Windows completely.

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3 Responses to Moving In Day!

  1. Dave says:

    So windows 8 is not in your futer

    • Dan Theman says:

      Not a chance. I hated 8.0 when I reviewed it. 8.1 was supposed to bring back the start button but it (the start button) is totally lame. The only way 8.x can be used is to install Classic Shell over 8.x.

      If I wanted my desktop to look like a smart phone, I’d… I’d…. buy a smartphone!

  2. Viper Joe says:

    I had same issues as Dan Theman when i aquired a W 8.0 laptop. Spent hours if not days trying to use it.
    Then.. i found a $8 wireless mouse at ROSS and was amazed at how much better it was.
    A real mouse does not think your finger is a click to go into app under curser.
    As time goes by, windows 8 is actually more usable.
    I mainly live in the M which brings up a desktop looking screen.
    Overall, i do feel the winodws 7 and 8 both do way to much decision making for you and do not let you take control of things. It does what it thinks you want, which sucks.

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