Sensor Detector Inconsistent

So I moved my motion sensor detector back inside. with it I brought one of the uninstalled sensors and the rest of the cable. I got everything set up so I’m duplicating the environment almost exactly. So far it has run 36 hrs w/o a hang.

I’m baffled. Seems the problem would either be power, heat, cable, or the sensor. Power, heat, cable are duplicated. It just doesn’t seem possible it could be the sensor. It simply sends an on/off signal back to the microprocessor.

I guess tomorrow I will pull the sensor down and bring it in to see if I can get it to duplicate.

If not, I’m going to have to write some more code to allow me to debug the microcontroller when it is running. I guess that means setting it up to send debug messages as UDP packets. Then when it hangs, I can check the last location seen to start getting a clue where the problem lies.


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2 Responses to Sensor Detector Inconsistent

  1. Dan Theman says:

    I pulled the sensor off the garage wall and connected it to the sensor detector sitting on my desk yesterday. It’s getting close to 24 hours with no hang. Crud! I detest intermittent problems like this.

  2. Dan Theman says:

    48 hrs and no hang. OK, I’m going to have to write special debugging code now so I can monitor where the code hangs over the network.

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