Unix Utilities a.k.a. UNXUTILS

Since I’m thinking about Unix, I’ll share one of my favorite set of utilities as well.

I spent a big chunk of my time using MPE on the HP3000. Although MPE was a proprietary operating system, it was designed at about the same time as Unix and was similar in many ways. Most noticeably to anyone these days was the fact that the ‘GUI’ was command line driven.

Since I grew up on the command line, when I started using Windows I was in the DOS box a lot. DOS was a poor substitute for MPE or UNIX but I quickly found 4NT that made it at least useable.

On more than a few occasions I tried to get a Unix environment running on my PC but they were always too bloated in my opinion, trying to fully emulate Unix but running ontop of Windows. For someone trying to port Unix code untouched to a PC that makes sense, but I just wanted the command line utilities so when I switched between DOS and UNIX/LINUX I could use the same commands.

A few years ago I stumbled across UNXUTILS. This is a large subset of the standard unix utilities such as ls, grep, cat, less, etc. They have been compiled to work directly with windows so they are small and easy to install. Here are most of the commands:


Operation is simple, copy the files to your PC, add a path to the files and when you open the dos box, you have access to all normal DOS commands as well as many UNIX commands.

To download these utilities follow this link:


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