HP3000 Emulator Revisited

It is a wet, cool day – a good day to stay inside and work at my computer. So I decided to do something completely off the todo list: try to get my HP3000 emulator fully functional.


I installed vmplayer 6 and then the Stromasys Charon HPA/3000 VM. A couple of quick config changes and the base HP3000 is up and running.

Last time I tried to get this emulator running I was having some connectivity problems with the outside world. The emulator itself seems to be flawless, but its network interaction with vmware and the redhat host on which it runs was causing the network connections to drop.

I solved a lesser problem immediately today. If I connected to the virtual HP using reflections, I could not run any block mode apps. I decided to change the protocol from VT-MGR to telnet and that fixed it! Now I can run NMMGR direct from my PC to make config changes.

I’ll have to mess around to figure out the exact symptoms of the connectivity problem and see if I can get that resolved. This time I won’t build up a fully functioning HP3000 until I know the network is 100%.


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2 Responses to HP3000 Emulator Revisited

  1. Michael says:

    Is the freeware emulator still available, I was an HP3000 systems engineer for many years and have a desire to set up an HP3000 to play with now that I retired. I have tried the Stromasys site to no avail

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