Wake On LAN Revisited

The downside to trying a new technology, at least for me, is if it doesn’t work well, you might miss out when it finally does.

I tried Wake On LAN when it first came out. I don’t recall the exact problem I had but I know it was inconsistent. I might be able to wake my PC remotely, but it would wake itself regularly. So I scrapped the technology.

I finally looked at it again this week, probably close to 20 years after the last time I tried. I’m happy to report it works great. Not only did I get it running on my Windows machines, but on my Linux systems as well.

I can now turn off every system in my house when I’m going to be gone from home. If I find I need something on one of those systems, I can remotely start it, get what I need, and turn it back off.

I wish I had not waited 2 decades to revisit this technology!

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2 Responses to Wake On LAN Revisited

  1. Dave says:

    What is wake

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