Raspberry Pi is Serving Pages

Now that the arduino motionDetector is moving into production, it is time to get busy on the Raspberry Pi that will read the events and notify me of questionable motion.

I  have had a very rudimentary program running on the RPI that simply displays events has they occur. Useful for debugging and that is about it:


While the end result is to send an email each day of the prior day’s activity I would really like to be able to look at the motionDetector event log at any time from anywhere. The best way to do that is to make it available as a web page, so I installed the lighttpd web server daemon on my Raspberry Pi.

This couldn’t have been easier. Simply did an apt-get install lighttpd and it was up and running serving a dummy page. I only had to fix the configuration to allow server-side includes (OK, that took longer to research than it should have but still had it running in an hour).

I updated my program on the raspberry pi to output events to a TXT file in the webserver’s file area. That file is included when the home page is displayed so the last 100 events will be displayed:


OK, right now the only events logged are the program starting/stopping, but by the end of tomorrow I should be logging the rest of the events.


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