SensorDetector Project Wraps Up

Closing another project today. Yay!

The arduino sensor detector that monitors the 4 motion detectors in my alley/backyard is now in ‘production’. No more hangs or false positives.

When I first brought all the sensors up, I was getting constant false positive out of one motion detector, especially when it was windy. I’d go out and watch the scene to try and figure what would set it off, but nothing was moving.

Then it occurred to me that was the only sensor that had a view of the sky. I blocked access to the sky and the false positives disappeared. That was a bit of luck, for sure.

Here is the sensor Detector mounted in its enclosure (hopefully the last plexiglass enclosure I will ever make now that I have a 3D printer):


Here is one of the sensors. I build wood enclosures and painted them to match the garage to try and conceal the sensors as much as possible:

P1020702 copy

The sensorDetector simply sends UDP packets when it detects motion on any of the motion Detectors. I am still working on the Raspberry Pi sensorMonitor that receives the packets and produces a webpage and email. But I can work on that in bad weather, so no rush there.


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