Some good 3D prints

Used ABS juice on the print bed this evening and the results were dramatic. In the past not a single ABS print attempt has stuck directly to the bed (it has had to be covered in blue painter’s tape). Every attempt I made tonight stuck to the bed.

First I tried printing Mr. Jaws again. I used a 5mm brim around it. This helps it stick to the bed:


You can see the head separated just slightly from the brim. This print was almost PERFECT! The warping was at the head was barely noticeable.  Here is the shark with the brim removed:


With success going to my head, I decided to go for broke and printed the Make Magazine test owl. This worked extremely well:


There was some warping on the base, but it still stuck to the bed for the entire print (prior attempts to print this in PLA always failed with the owl detaching from the bed about 1/2 way thru the print).

This owl used .3mm layers. There were about 250 layers and it took 1.5 hours to print. Tomorrow I will try to print the owl in .1mm layers. If I can successfully do that, then I’m ready to start calibrating the printer so when I ask it to print a 20mm cube, all sides will actually be 20mm.

If you’ve not seen a 3D printer running, here is a 30 second clip toward the end of the owl print:

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