WSUSOFFLINE – Windows Updates Offline

This weekend I had to rebuild my laptop. It’s been running WinXP for a solid 5+ years now and is my ‘sacrificial lamb’ – when I try something risky I do it on the laptop so I won’t mess up my desktop.

While reinstalling WinXP, I was pondering what I will do when XP is no longer supported and one will no longer be able to download all of the patches from Microsoft.

I started looking around and found WSUSOFFLINE. This software essentially snags all of the updates for WinXP, Win7, Win8, and all of the Office products. It will then create DVDs or USB drives that can be used to install patches rather than using the internet based Windows Update provide by Microsoft.

I used WSUSOFFLINE myself while rebuilding my laptop and it appears to have run fine.

The website is in German and English, don’t let the first few paragraphs in German throw you.

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