Pool Grate Designed

I spent a few hours designing the replacement grates for my swimming pool. My pool is 35+ years old and parts are pretty hard to come by. There are two grates over some air jets that have been busted since I have lived here. My plan is to print the two grates.

Designing this in sketchup was pretty easy. Laid the whole grate out in 2D, then simply extruded it to the correct height. The only ‘trick’ was getting the scalloped screw hole. The idea is simple enough. Make a part the right size, then intersect it with the grate, but it took a while to get it right. Note to self: you must explode both parts to get the intersection to work right.

This is to be “my” first 3D print though I’m a ways from being able to print them. Still need to get the printer calibrated tighter and do a better job at controlling curl.

pool grate

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1 Response to Pool Grate Designed

  1. Dan Theman says:

    Ahem…. Well, after writing the above, I noticed a part # on the grate. Looked it up and sure enough I can buy a replacement. Though at $17 per, that’s no bargain and this is a great 3D printing project, so I will stagger on…

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