Webcam Telescope – I finally have the parts

I got the Pentax lens adapter/mount ages ago (shortly after my first blog entry). I thought I was going to use an old webcam I already have, but started using it to monitor my 3D printing so I needed to purchase another. I found a dirt-cheap one on amazon (I think about $5), but it shipped from China. The camera finally showed up today.

I disassembled the webcam. I knew the sensor would be small, but I had no idea just how tiny. It’s just a few millimeters square. Which explains why this is going to be a telescope, not a camera đŸ™‚

I measured the distance on an old pentax film camera between the mounting plate and the film plane. I then held the sensor at about that distance behind a 28mm lens and could see it was seeing something.

I need to figure out how to mount the lens adapter. I guess I will try to build something on the 3D printer – but the adapter needs pretty precise measurements. We’ll see how well 3D printing works.

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