Webcam Telescope Lens Mounted and CCD Platform Assembled

Made some good progress on the webcam telescope today. The CCD sensor platform has been assembled. It is just a flat piece of wood mounted to the back of the box by 3 screws. I can turn the screws from the outside to move the platform back and forth and adjust it so it is parallel with the actual ‘film plane’ as well.


I decided to try to mount the lens adapter directly to the box. Failing that, I would do some kind of 3D print. I had the lens adapter fitting almost perfect. One screw head was just a bit too high for the lens to fit. As I tried to make the screw head hole a bit deeper the bit caught and messed up the lens adapter. Fortunately,  I was able to clean it up and the screw fits flush.


Here is the basic box with the lens mounted.


The platform and lens adapter were the hardest parts I figure (based on my lack of mechanical skills). The rest should go fairly smoothly.


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