Stepper Motor Fun

When I was first learning arduino, I purchased an experimenters kits and one of the experiments was using a little stepper motor. But that was years ago, now, and I was overwhelmed at the time with all I was trying to learn so I remember very little.

On my last amazon batch order I purchased one of these little stepper motors to play with and get a little more solid background on the operation of steppers:

This is, supposedly, a super popular motor, made in the millions, so using it for instruction purposes means whatever I learn I will have no trouble re-using in the future (I keep notes of my various experiments).

I did research on this 28BYJ48 motor and found a great little write up on the specs, how to connect the hardware, and some example code:

I love how easy it is to find such good write ups on the web.

I played with the first two examples which simply moved the motor in a linear fashion. Then I downloaded the AccelStepper example code (found here and tried that. Very cool. The motor starts slow, accelerates to full speed, then decelerates to a stop.  Here’s a little video of it in operation:


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