Quadcopter Update: Sourcing Parts

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I began source parts for the quadcopter today. I chose to follow this instructable:


The instructable included a specific parts list, almost all from HobbyKing which is fairly convenient. Though I was able to order most of the parts from HobbyKing, the way they maintain their parts in various warehouses (Hong Kong, US, etc) is kind of a pain in the butt. You’ll order up some parts from the US warehouse and accidentally try to order something from another warehouse and it gets rejected so you have to start over again. Not only must you find parts, but you have to pay attention to where the part is stocked.

Anyway, I was able to get all parts except the actual radio control. The radio specified seems to no longer be sold and nothing else is in stock. Hopefully it will come into stock soon.

Although the parts I have ordered do not account for installing a gopro camera, the frame is capable, I just have to order some additional parts.


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