Motorola Moto G (Android) Tether Driver for Windows XP

Wow, here I am dealing with drivers for XP again. You’d almost think this operating system were ancient or something.

(These instructions were written specifically for the MOTO G and the link to the included driver is for the MOTO G; however, the basic instructions should work for creating a driver for a different Android device)

Got a new MOTO G phone a few weeks ago. Started playing around with allowing my laptop to use the cell phone as a wireless connection. When I tried to turn on USB Tethering, my XP laptop needed a driver for an RDNIS device.

Went searching the web and found a generic driver called tetherxp.inf. I believe I found the original file I patched here:

I followed the normal procedure to install a driver from a specific location, but would get Cannot Install this Hardware.

The problem is this driver doesn’t know about the Moto G and needs a little massaging.

Plug your phone into your computer, enable tethering, and you should get the Found New Hardware window. Go to the device manager and in Other Devices you will see the RNDIS driver with a question mark before it.

Right click on the RNDIS device, select properties, click on the Details tab, and select Device Instance Id.  In this window you should see something very close to, if not exactly, this:


This is the device info for the Moto G and this needs to be in the INF file for Windows to know the driver matches the hardware.

If your Moto G matches the device ID above, you can use this version of the INF file that I modified and works on my phone:

Note: Use this at your own risk – I am not responsible for any problems it may cause. Also, I can’t guarantee the file will be available long-term, so if the link above is dead, you’ll have to build the patch yourself.

If your device ID doesn’t match or the link above is dead, here is how to fix the original file.

Open the tether.inf file with notepad. Go to the section labeled


Copy one of the existing lines such as:

; Motorola Sholes with adb
%AndroidDevice%    = RNDIS.NT.5.1, USB\VID_22B8&PID_41E5

Fix up the comment. Then change the VID and PID to match the value of the device instance id of your phone. Further, if you phone has the &MI_ parameter, you MUST include it as well. Don’t include anything from the next \ on. When I modify the new lines for my phone, they look like this:

; Motorola Moto G 
%AndroidDevice%    = RNDIS.NT.5.1, USB\VID_22B8&PID_2E24&MI_00

Save the file, then update the driver from a specified location again, using this modified INF file.

Works for me. Hopefully it works for you.

Please feel free to include comments if you have to make any changes others might find useful – I don’t plan to revisit this topic myself. I’m surprised how many people have looked at my driver tweaks.

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18 Responses to Motorola Moto G (Android) Tether Driver for Windows XP

  1. Kamil Jafarov says:

    thank you very helpful.
    BR, from Azerbaijan.

  2. Harry Palmer says:

    Hi Dan,

    the advice was vital. I used it to connect a Samsung s4 mini to windows xp with service pack 3. I edited the tetherxp.inf file by over typing the HTC sapphire entry and substituting the VID and PID codes as you have detailed. I could not find any other details but yours on how to do this. You might consider changing the title of your blog to all android phones, so it comes up on general searches. I believe your advice would work for all android phones using windows xp. There are a lot of people with this tethering problem on android forums getting no useful answer.

    All the best and well done.


    • Dan TheMan says:

      Thanks for the idea, Harry. I assumed it was just Motorola being shorted sighted with XP users. I’ll try to rework the article a bit to allow it to be found easier. I’ve noticed since writing that article, it has been the top search result most days. Glad it helped you.


  3. zeal says:

    Thanks a lot! That works.

  4. David Carr says:

    When looking at Device properties through Device Manager (before it was working), the number following the ‘..&MI_00\’ differs for my phone
    but this isn’t required so works perfectly on my new Moto G – no changes required. Brilliant.

    I had had a loaner Google Nexus S phone for the past couple of weeks and I couldn’t get it to tether despite finding this article:
    but perhaps no surprise given the lack of detail and procedure to follow.

    Thanks so much for writing this up.

  5. atul chauhan says:

    Thanks bro it works for my device

  6. arup says:

    thanks a lot
    tried so many things but failed
    your .inf file did the trick for my moto g
    why do we need the MI _ part in the flag??

    ps: people on xp sp2 additionally need a hotfix to update RNDIS driver, the hotfix is free on Microsoft

    • Dan TheMan says:

      As with so many things, I learned just enough about this problem to solve it and then moved on. 🙂 The most I know about MI_ is it has something to do with multiple interfaces. It seems to me, one really doesn’t need this flag for a single USB interface device, like a phone, but I could be interpreting what little I know very incorrectly.

      You can always remove that part and see if it works without it. If it does, let us know!

      p.s. Thanks for the SP2 tip. Haven’t been on a SP2 system in years so I would never have know.

  7. Luca says:

    Hi, thank you very much for your help man!
    I am having a problem. I have downloaded the tether file and after which, in the part where “Save the file, then update the driver from a specified location again, using this modified INF file” I am not able to do. How do I update the driver?
    My laptop fails to recognize the device if I activate USB Tethering. Even if I plug my phone out and then in again and then activate USB tethering, it still doesn’t even recognize the device.
    Help would be very appreciated. Thank you again

  8. Bimbollero says:

    Thank you !!
    Work in my.. Motorola Razr-D1 (4.4.2)

    ; Motorola Moto D1
    %AndroidDevice% = RNDIS.NT.5.1, USB\VID_0BB4&PID_2011&MI_00

  9. Domains India says:

    Not worked for me. for moto G 2nd gen.
    i am installing on windows server 2003..
    This is giving error that” specified location dose not contain computable software driver for your device……”

  10. Smartboy says:

    I love this, so comprehensive. It works for my techno Y3

  11. Laurence Collins says:

    Worked straight away! Thanks, the olde XP laptop is now thethered to my moto 2 2nd gen.

  12. Qaiser Ramalingam says:

    Thanks a lot. As advised by you, I modified the inf for my Moto G3 and that too is working.

  13. Sandeep says:

    Truly amazing job it really worked. I got really frustrated after not being able to use USB tethering, but then I read your article and my life changed. Kudos for your great enlightening article.

  14. Sagar Palase says:

    Thanks Dan your trick worked for me, i tried it for Moto G3 & MI Redmi note 3

  15. Shuayb says:

    This worked with my Moto G3. Thanks a lot for sharing it.
    Thank you so much!!

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