GoPro Hero Dog Harness v1.3 has Failed

I’ve been trying to build a harness for my dog that will let me attach my gopro behind his head to get his perspective of the world. So far the iterations I’ve tried based on this harness

Here is the basic setup:


The harness works ok as long as the dog moves at a moderate pace. The problem comes when he starts running or jumping, then the harness wants to rotate such that the camera ends up on the side of the dog. And it’s running that I really want to capture.

Today’s test resulted in the camera actually flopping forward. I’m coming to the conclusion this style harness just isn’t going to work. I’ve seen some other guys using a harness that has a short strap running down the spine. So I shall start trying to source one of those.


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2 Responses to GoPro Hero Dog Harness v1.3 has Failed

  1. Ed Hope says:

    Beautiful dog. Maybe attaching the camera to his chest would work. Ed Hope

    • Dan TheMan says:

      a chest mount is my last resort. It would be easier, I think, but I like the back of his head in the shot – gives you more of a feel of being at dog level 🙂

      I was thinking of your project while Alex was playing midi files onto those floppies.

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