Turnigy Quadcopter Talon V2.0 Frame Built

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Got the frame built this afternoon. The instructions I had intended to follow were wrong because they were designed for V1.0 of the frame. Did a little searching and found this guy’s videos which are excellent and are for my exact frame:


I have always preferred printed to video instructions in the past, but the instructions included with the kit were sparse. The video was great because I got the right screws into the right holes the 1st time. He made one mistake but pointed it out in comments so I didn’t make the same mistake.

Here is the completed frame:


Build time was about 90 minutes. That’s enough for today.

Jun 2014 Update: Now that I’ve been flying this quadcopter a bit there are a couple of things I wish I had done different when first assembling the frame.

First, I needed to put lock-tight on the screws that hold the top of the frame together. The force on the arms seems to make these 8 screws susceptible to coming loose.When they come loose, the arm gets loose and the quadcopter starts acting screwy.

Once you’ve got everything tight and you are happy with it, remove each of these screws and place some blue lock-tight into the hole and put the screw back in.


Second, the way that I installed the motor mounts has ended up being inconvenient. I orientated the motor mount such that the counter-sink holes were on the bottom so the screws going into the motor mount would nest in the mount properly. While this seems proper, the side-effect is the hex screws that hold the mounts to the arms are on the bottom and hard to get to with a hex wrench.

I have needed to loosen those screws to re-align the legs after hard landings so it would be much more convenient to flip the motor mount around the other way as shown here:


The screws going into the motor appear to have enough length for this to work alright.

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