Quadcopter Motors Installed

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Well, this project is dragging. I mounted the motors the day after building the frame:


Then I started working on mounting the power distribution board and ESCs. The board I purchased has built in female bullet connectors, but these connectors are parallel to the board so it cannot fit inside the base:

After messing around long enough I realized I could mount it on top of the base, and then mount the controller on top of it. But I needed 8 nylon standoffs and only had the 4 that came with the frame.

Drove around town trying to seek a solution. The best thing I could come up with sourced locally was buying M3 all-thread and using lock nuts to hold everything together. I bought the parts, then went home and ordered a kit of nylon stand offs from amazon:


They shipped within an hour so I decided to just wait until they arrive rather than mess around with the all-thread.



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