Quadcopter Power Distribution Board and Flight Controller Installed

Well, it turns out the nylon stand-offs shipped from China. It took about a week to get them. Not horrible, but I was expecting them in a few days. That’s 3 items I’ve purchased on Amazon only to discover they are shipping from China. I need to pay more attention.

Now that they are here, I quickly assembled the power distribution board and flight controller onto the frame:


I then soldered bullet connectors onto one of the Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) as per this video

One down, three to go. Unfortunately I’m out of time for the day:



Got the rest of the ESCs installed!


Edit Feb 8:

In researching the flight controller, I found that the top edge of the controller is the front of the quadcopter. For the quadcopter to fly in an X configuration, which is what I believe I want since I plan to mount a camera, the controller must be facing forward between two of the arms, not facing straight down one of them. So I had to rotate the flight controller 45 degrees to get the proper alignment:


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