Quadcopter Propeller Test

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I received the missing propellers today. Got them balanced and mounted following video that can be easily found on the web.

It was way too windy to try flying today, but I did want to at least make sure the quadcopter would move forward/backward/left/right and rotate left and right.

It does everything properly. Now I just need a calm day!

Feb 21 Edit: Did several hover attempts, just a few feet off the ground to see what would happen (had to wait until dusk for wind to die down). It seems way too jittery. Started researching what initial PI settings I need and then how to tune it from there. Here are some good links:

This gives some initial settings to use:


This gives an explanation of PID and how to tune the settings:


There are good videos in both links to help.

I have to head out of the city tomorrow to run an errand, so the quadcopter will go along. If the wind is calm I know a place there where I can do a real initial test.

Edit Feb 22:

Took it out and did a couple of test flights. It did so-so. So-so mainly because of my poor flying skills. It was reasonably stable if I left it alone – I tended to be heavy on the stick even though I tried to be gentle. I guess never playing video games is coming back to haunt me now.

On about the 4th flight it was getting kind of far away. I tried to reverse it back toward me and it was too aggressive. I couldn’t see exactly what it was doing (I thought it was going away from me) so I chopped power and did so too hard so it hit the ground kind of hard. It was flyable, but the antenna lead got cut and I didn’t seem to have full control so I called it a day rather than risk bad damage.

I probably need to see if I can hook my radio to a flight sim and practice flying some.

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