New Gate Monitor Position Switch FINALLY Installed

I printed the box for the new switch last December, but since the weather was bad and the gate is locked closed in the winter there was no sense trying to install it. And once something is on the back burner, it sure is hard to make time for it.

However, I finally pulled the crappy magnetic reed switch off the gate (it went from working sporadically to NEVER working) and installed the new snap-action switch in the 3D printed case.

So far it has worked like a charm. The circuitry is working fully. For the time being, I have the ability to self-close the gate turned off (just in case there is a bug with the switch, I don’t want the gate trying to close itself when it really is closed).

But the alarm monitoring is up and running which is cool. If the gate is forgotten open and the alarm timer expires, it triggers my burglar alarm which sets off the alarm in the house and notifies the monitoring company.

gate monitor switch2

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