Hooking up the SparkFun NCP1402 5V Step Up Breakout

It’s been too long since I did anything “fun” and I received some new parts from Sparkfun this weekend. Time to mess with the Sparkfun DC-DC converter, model PRT-10968.

This DC-DC converter will convert anything from 1V to 4V to 5V and can provide 200mA at 5V.

This breakout board is so small, I accidentally tossed it out with the packing material. The next day I started wondering why I hadn’t received it and had to dig it out of the trash. Happily, there is no food in my office trash can!

The Top of the board looks like this:

and the bottom explains the connections clearly:

I decided to solder the header pins such that the bottom of the board ends facing up on the breadboard so I can more easily see the pin IDs.

My first goal was to verify a 1.5V really put out 5V, so I connected up my voltmeter:

Sure enough, it works as advertised.

The next step was to simply fire up one of my arduino Nanos just to verify the dc-dc converter would provide enough power to allow the nano to run. Here is the simple schematic:

It fired up just fine:

The AA battery powered the arduino nano fine and I measured the current at roughly 60mA.

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