Ethanol-Free Gasoline Website

I want ethanol-free fuel to put in my small motors (lawn mower, etc). A few months ago I mentioned to a guy at the local hacker space that Oklahoma City gas stations made a point of advertising they had ethanol-free fuel. He happened to know of a specialty fuel station (I would never have found this place). Sure enough, I was able to get ethanol-free fuel there. Yay!

This week I was reading an article in Family Handyman about dealing with stale gasoline and they mentioned the website This place is great! Not only does it list the station I know about, but a few others as well. If you want ethanol-free gas, have a look.

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  1. Sean Straw says:

    I used to go to a lot in an industrial area in the town I used to live in where the chap sold all manner of specialty oils and fuels. You could get race gas there (basically, aviation fuel, or “AvGAS”) – always had to pump it into a collection of 5 gallon fuel cans, couldn’t pump it into the car. It wasn’t that it was inherently illegal to use the high octane fuel (I needed it for a high compression, big block motor intended for leaded fuel, which back in the day was much higher ), but rather than the California road taxes weren’t included in the price.

    Of course, someone crossing into California from any of the adjacent states could (and wisely, would) have filled up before entering the state to avoid the higher fuel costs and additives (“oxygenators” – meaning gallon for gallon, you get less energy from California petrol). So the state doesn’t get revenue from these travelers. Since everyone gets petrol for their yard gear (lawn mower, weed whacker, generator, etc) at a regular petrol station, they’re also paying road taxes on that petrol. Technically you’re supposed to be able to file for a return of these fees, but who wants the grief for the type of record keeping you’d need for that, and unless you mow a large yard every week, or have a landscape service, the total would be nominal.

    Ethanol petrol turns older style fuel lines into gooey rubber. Fortunately, in cars, there are generally only a few sections of flexible fuel line – most of it is metal tube. Still, sucks to have to replace these lines periodically.

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