Restoring Your Repetier Configuration from a Backup

While I had my workshop, where I use my 3D printer, tore apart for remodeling I decided to upgrade the workshop PC to windows 7.

As I was rebuilding the apps for the PC I realized I had never made a special backup for Repetier or even wrote down the primary settings. Plus I have a bunch of configurations in slic3r I did not want to rebuild from scratch.

After some quick research, I found this post:

Backing Up Repetier 3D Printer Settings

Cool. This guy had the same problem. This post shows you how to back everything up on the old system and restore it all on the new system.

Uh, one slight problem. The old system is gone and one of the critical items you must backup is the software settings in the registry. My old system is gone – I can’t back up the registry.

I did backup the old system with SyncBack SE. Syncback is great stuff if you’ve never seen it. All critical files on all systems are backed up to my file server using this software. And I know that I backup the ntuser.dat files for each user.

So I theoretically have the old system’s registry, but how do I get to it. Turns out it is fairly easy as outlined in this post:

How to recover windows registry keys from NTUSER.DAT

Essentially, you can mount an ntuser.dat hive as a subtree inside of your own registry. You can then back up the necessary tree from the registry using REGEDIT.

Once I had the backup of the old Repetier subtree, I also backed up the new Repetier subtree in case I needed to go back and deleted it from the registry, as well as unmounting the temporary ntuser.dat hive.

You then have to clean up the old Repetier exported file so it will import back into the correct subtree. In my case I had to change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\temphive to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

I did this using textpad (my favorite text editor), and for some reason it wanted to save the file using unicode. Regedit refused to import the file for this reason. If you have trouble importing the old subtree, make sure your character encoding is ANSI.

Once I made this change, I started Repetier. Lo and behold, all of the configuration settings were correct! The only exception was for the printer’s COM port which had changed between XP and Win7.



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  1. Sean Straw says:

    You can mount a registry into a lower key in another machine’s registry – useful for manually scanning or repairing the registry of a disk that is slaved to a functional system. Also for pulling registration keys from a malfunctioning system so that software can be ported to another box.

    Then there’s examining a Windows registry using a *nix system: You can use KNOPPIX, one of several live CD/DVD Linux distros, to examine the contents of a Windows volume (say, directly on the system which would have normally been running Windows – no need for a second, functioning Windows system to slave the disk to), as well as mount and tweak the registry. This is especially useful since Windows gets confused easily and will fail to boot if say for example you restore a backup to a different type of hard disk (It’s not like anyone has ever had a Windows box running on SCSI and couldn’t find a replacement HD or controller and ended up having to use a PATA or SATA drive – never mind having to swap out a mainboard and all the Windows upheaval that causes).

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