AMAZON: Why did you screw up your shipment confirmations?!!!

Dear Amazon,

Since you seem to have no way for customers to make suggestions, I’ll post this here. You’ll never see it, but at least I will have a chance to vent.

At the beginning of the year you decided to change the format of shipment confirmation emails you send. It used to be, when a shipment was sent, I got a list of everything sent, WITH A PICTURE of each item, the cost of each item, and a total which was the exact amount billed to my credit card.

I could print that out, easily verify a shipment include all it should, and correctly record the data for accounting.

Now, I just get an email saying the shipment was sent with the total for the shipment.

So instead of being able to just print the email and use it to update accounting information, I now have to login and go to the invoice and print it. What took 1 keystroke and < 10 secs now takes a multitude of strokes, logging into amazon, etc. Maybe that doesn’t seem like much to you, but it isn’t something I want to be spending MY time on.

Except if there are multiple shipments, the invoice may still be wrong if not everything has shipped. Plus I’m not thinking about all the other shipments in the order, so I end up printing the same invoice twice and then screwing up by double billling my credit card in accounting.

To top it off, the most recent invoice has 2 credit charges for one shipment with no explanation of which items were charged for which CC transaction. I wasted a good hour trying to figure it out and never did. Instead I had to email tech support who then said, no you can’t talk about this via email, you must call. And then was given faulty information on how to call.

After a couple of hours of screwing around I finally have the proper items for each charge. I CANNOT be doing this on a regular basis.

If I end up doing this again, I will end up doing stuff that is STUPID from your stand point, like ordering every item individually or spacing them out across different days, or maybe just not purchasing from you at all. GET WISE!!

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