u-blox GPS Activates Windows 7 Serial Mouse Driver

While working with my u-blox NEO-6M I needed to change the baud rate from 9600 to 4800. As soon as I did this, Windows 7 decided it was a Serial BallPoint Mouse.

From that point forward I could do nothing on the PC if the GPS was plugged in – the mouse was going crazy. Trying to fix the problem was impossible as the driver only activated when the GPS was enabled, but then the keyboard was unusable.

I found the answer deep inside of this message thread:


To fix the problem, open regedit, go to the key


and change the value of Start from 3  to 4.

Worked like a charm for me.


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1 Response to u-blox GPS Activates Windows 7 Serial Mouse Driver

  1. Eric-Jan Oud says:

    Did not really work for me, but I used a different (more ” dirty”) workaround.

    I have a u-Blox 6M module, connected to a USB-to-Serial convertor (PL2303 chip), with a Female-Female ” Dupont” cable. The latter is my luck:
    I plug in the u-Blox / Cable / USB-toSerial adapter assembly into a free USB port. I let Windows perform it’s magic, until the cursor starts it’s dance. Then I disconnect the cable between the u-Blox and the adapter (power line only will do) to effectively stop the u-blox datastream, without removing the USB-to-Serial adapter. That way, I get full control of the mouse again, without “losing” my entries in the device manager. The USB to serial convertor is still there, and the ugly extra mouse is also there, but with a warning – it is not functioning (yay!).
    No I disable the mouse (do not remove it), and all will go on OK from there.
    I can now restart my PC, and plug in and out my assembly, without Windows trying to “fix” the missing mouse drivers, because it’s there already.

    I know, it’s not an elegant solution. Ad every time you open up the device manager, the mouse entry will be expanded with a disconnected symbol in one of the two mice. But at least I don’t have to worry about those stinking self-installing unwanted drivers! 🙂
    Just thought I’d post it here, for those that come here like me – after searching for a solution to just this problem.

    Great Blog, by the way. I’ll get back here more often 🙂
    Eric-Jan Oud

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