ESP8266 NodeMCU DevKit Development Board

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Before I get started trying to write anything for the ESP8266, I decided to get a NodeMCU dev board:

nodeMCU-dev-fig1This exposes all the pins, let’s you connect directly to a USB cable, and mounts in a breadboard. And it has the NodeMCU LUA firmware already installed.

This device uses a different chip to connect USB to serial instead of the ubiquitous FTDI chip. More about this here:

Mainly, it requires a different driver.  I found reference to the driver here:

and if that link goes bad, the driver itself is here:

I unzipped the file into the directory CH341. I then updated the driver manually using that location and it worked perfectly. Even on my old Win XP system.

Connecting to the serial port, I was greeted with the LUA ‘>’ prompt.

I’m ready to write a simple script.



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2 Responses to ESP8266 NodeMCU DevKit Development Board

  1. Noorul says:

    I try to connect nodemcu board to my laptop but it shows USB is not recognized continuously. Please help me to solve this problem.

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