Preventing Peg Board Hooks from Coming Out of the Peg Board

Just a quick tip:

I grabbed a crescent wrench from its hook on the peg board and the hook fell back behind something for the 100th time. After swearing at the hook, I decided it was time to fix all of the loose hooks that constantly do this to me.

In the past I’ve tried hook locks like these with partial success:

It’s hit and miss if they will work on my old peg board and even if they do they eventually work loose and get lost.

At some time in the past year I saw what appeared to be a great tip – hot glue the hooks into place. You just need a hot glue gun. I don’t do much hot gluing, so I have a very cheap ($12) glue gun like this (actually mine isn’t even this nice):

I tried it on the hooks that cause me constant problems and so far it works great. When I’m in a rush (always), tools come off and the hooks stay on.

I simply pull the hook out, put plenty of glue in the one or two holes the hook will use, then get the hook back in place before the glue dries. Very simple.

The downside is the hook is now hard to remove. I mistakenly placed one in the wrong place and managed to rip the face of the peg board a bit getting it out. But, for me, this isn’t much of a disadvantage, I don’t reorganize my peg board. I just infill or add new.

That being said, I didn’t glue down everything. Just the one hole hooks and several hooks that use two holes. No sense in fixing something that isn’t really broke and maybe some day I will want to take out.

If this idea doesn’t pan out, I’ll come back and report the issue.


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