Tip o’ the Day: Gaffer Tape instead of Duct Tape

Duct tape is renown for its usefulness.Β  No argument there – I keep rolls in my vehicles, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. for emergencies.

Interestingly, it sucks for use on actual ducts. I tried that many years ago only to have the tape completely fall off after several months.

I was introduced to Gaffer Tape many years ago by a professional photographer friend. It is typically my go to tape these days.

It is easier to tear, a bit more like cloth so it conforms better if you aren’t taping flat surfaces, and best of all it doesn’t leave a mess when you remove it.

It is more expensive than duct tape, so I still keep cheap duct tape in my vehicles for emergencies. But around the house, gaffer tape is my go to tape.


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1 Response to Tip o’ the Day: Gaffer Tape instead of Duct Tape

  1. A fun fact to now and tell: It’s actually “duck” tape not “duct” tape and was developed to seal ammo cases in amphibious landing vehicles, aka ducks. It absolutely sucks on ducts! (Aluminum tape or duct sealant is the way to go there).

    I’ll definitely check out gaffer’s tape, though! Thanks for the post.

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