Forcing Accelerator Key Labels ALWAYS ON in Linux Mate

Need to file this one away for future use.

In Linux Mint / Mate, the underscores for accelerators keys is only on when you hold down ALT. I invariably forget this because they aren’t obvious, and don’t make use of them which slows me down. I *hate* having to use the mouse.

Tonight I went looking to see if they could be forced to stay on.

The few instructions I’ve found tell you to set the gnome setting “automatic-mnemomics” to false. I tried that repeatedly w/ no luck.

Eureka! I am using MATE not gnome. Doh! went looking in the Mate section of dconf settings and found the exact same setting. Set that to false and now underscores are always on.

Note: install dconf-editor. This is much easier than using gsettings and typing everything by hand.

The specific tree to this setting is:

org.mate.desktop.interface automatic-mnemonics

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