Providing increased water flow for a 5G Bucket Evaporative Cooler

I recently built a 5G bucket swamp cooler very similar to this:

I used a tack like he does to puncture the water supply hose and I simply could not get enough water to keep the pad moist. I went back and used a much larger nail and still the water supply was too constricted to do the job.

I ended up using a razor to slice the hose and that finally started producing reasonable water flow.

To do this:

  • Lay the tube flat, letting it naturally coil so you are working with the existing coil.
  • Using a sharpie, run a line along the top of the tube for the length of it so you are cutting only the bottom (I don’t want water shooting up, just down).
  • Make another mark on the hose indicating where the cuts need to stop – beyond that point, the hose goes down into the pump.
  • Now that the hose is marked, use a razor to slice the hose perpendicular to its length.
  • I made each cut a little less than 1/2 the diameter of the hose.
  • I separated the cuts by about 1/4″.

After you do this, you should find the water only shoots down toward the pad and there is enough flow thru the slits to keep the pad moist.

BTW, I am generally seeing a 10 degree temp difference with my cooler. I expect to field test it next week.

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