New Install: Adobe Bridge CS6 Crashes immediately

This problem has wasted hours for me so I’ll document it here.

Though I purchased CS6 (back when you could), I never actively used it – I always preferred CS2.

Recently I was forced to upgrade my photoshop system from XP to Windows 7. After getting Photoshop CS2 up and running on the new Win 7 system, I found some really irritating issues, particularly the fact that CS2 will print ONLY to the default printer. If your photo printer is not the default, you have to set it to default before starting photoshop.

My primary reason for staying with CS2 was the extensive set of hotkeys that largely went away in either CS4 or CS6. These days I just don’t use photoshop that heavily so I decided I could live without my old hot-key environment rather than F*&)ing with setting the default printer.

I got photoshop CS6 up and running without much ado; however, everytime I attempted to start Bridge it would immediately crash and the beginning of the info dump contains:

 Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
 Application Name: Bridge.exe
 Application Version:

There are many reports of Bridge crashes and even those that match these, there was no solution that worked for me.

Finally I stumbled upon the thread:

Way down toward the bottom was the answer for me: temporarily rename a registry tree:

I know it’s old thread but here is my solution:

1) Run regedit application (from search menu, type regedit)

2) Find “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Bridge” key.

3) If the key exists, then rename the “Bridge” key to something else like “xBridge”.

4) Then run the Adobe Bridge CS6, it should be running fine now.

5) Restore back the renamed “Bridge” key in regedit.

From my analysis it has something to do with settings loading conflict with previous version of Bridge CS you had installed.

That did the trick. I rename the tree ‘Bridge’ to ‘xBridge’, start Bridge.exe and it starts correctly. Exit Bridge, rename the tree ‘xBridge’ back to ‘Bridge’, and Bridge.exe still starts correctly.

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