Playing Old Interactive Fiction Games on the HP3000

Last year I posted instructions on extracting and running the SIMH HP3000 emulation. I have found that many people downloading this file are doing so to run the Interactive Games on that system: WARP and MANSION.

I decided to make loading the games a little easier, and also got the ADVENTURE (Colossal Cave) game running as well as it was always my favorite.

Install the Software

First, download the zip file from:

Extract all files of into c:\hp3000Sim. Note: if you extract into a different directory you will need to fixup the hp.bat file.

Start the Emulator

In c:\hp3000Sim, double click on hp.bat file:

This will start the emulator, the HP3000 will boot up and quickly get you to the colon input prompt:

Playing the Games

To get to the games, you must logon as MGR.GAMES. Once you do this, a logon UDC will start a text-based menu system:

Now just type in the number assigned to the game and press ENTER to begin playing it.

For example, to start Adventure, type 1 followed by enter:


  • The HP3000 console allows only upper case input. As far as I know, none of these old games will have issues with upper case only. In fact, some have issues with lower case.
  • The HP3000 console doesn’t show a cursor thus back spacing can be difficult. Control-X will erase the entire line.
  • If uppercase only / no cursor troubles you, you can connect to the emulator ( using port 1054.
  • Exit the menu by typing X followed by ENTER.
  • Exit the menu and logoff by typing EXIT followed by ENTER.
  • Don’t forget to SHUTDOWN – The HP3000 doesn’t like unexpected halts any more than Windows or Linux. Type Control-A to get the ‘=’ prompt, then type SHUTDOWN to shut the operating system down in an orderly fashion.


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