Playing Old Interactive Fiction Games on the HP3000

(Note: as of Apr 2020, these games are available online. If you would rather play them online rather than install the SIMH emulator, see

Last year I posted instructions on extracting and running the SIMH HP3000 emulation. I have found that many people downloading this file are doing so to run the Interactive Games on that system: WARP and MANSION.

I decided to make loading the games a little easier, and also got the ADVENTURE (Colossal Cave) game running as well as it was always my favorite.

Install the Software

First, download the zip file from:

Extract all files of into c:\hp3000Sim. Note: if you extract into a different directory you will need to fixup the hp.bat file.

Start the Emulator

In c:\hp3000Sim, double click on hp.bat file:

This will start the emulator, the HP3000 will boot up and quickly get you to the colon input prompt:

Playing the Games

To get to the games, you must logon as MGR.GAMES. Once you do this, a logon UDC will start a text-based menu system:

Now just type in the number assigned to the game and press ENTER to begin playing it.

For example, to start Adventure, type 1 followed by enter:


  • The HP3000 console allows only upper case input. As far as I know, none of these old games will have issues with upper case only. In fact, some have issues with lower case.
  • The HP3000 console doesn’t show a cursor thus back spacing can be difficult. Control-X will erase the entire line.
  • If uppercase only / no cursor troubles you, you can connect to the emulator ( using port 1054.
  • Exit the menu by typing X followed by ENTER.
  • Exit the menu and logoff by typing EXIT followed by ENTER.
  • Don’t forget to SHUTDOWN – The HP3000 doesn’t like unexpected halts any more than Windows or Linux. Type Control-A to get the ‘=’ prompt, then type SHUTDOWN to shut the operating system down in an orderly fashion.
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11 Responses to Playing Old Interactive Fiction Games on the HP3000

  1. Dan M. says:

    Hey Big Dan,

    Thanks for putting this together. I have fond memories of playing Warp on an HP3000 located at HP, via modem in the early 80’s. When the public Empire HP3000 went down, I was concerned that those days were gone for good. Emulation is an amazing thing!

    Anyway, I wanted to run something past you. When I telnet to my emulated session via PuTTY, I get the following error when the games menu attempts to load. Have you run into this?


    CPU=1. CONNECT=3. THU, OCT 24, 1991, 3:17 PM

    HP3000 / MPE V E.01.00 (BASE E.01.00). THU, OCT 24, 1991, 3:17 PM

    MPEZ A.01.08: MPE Shell Written by Dan Hallock 1987-1995.

    Running in Classic Environment

    *** STACK DISPLAY ***

    S=012756 DL=173644 Z=025023
    Q=012762 P=002270 LCST= S053 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCE X=000074

    Q=012653 P=005405 LCST= 026 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000006
    Q=012413 P=024356 LCST= 026 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCE X=000001
    Q=005645 P=020354 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000000
    Q=005541 P=026010 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000000
    Q=005210 P=005633 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000006
    Q=004224 P=015013 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,1,CCE X=000012
    Q=003617 P=015445 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCE X=000002
    Q=003253 P=026026 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000002
    Q=002723 P=000542 LCST= 017 STAT=U,1,1,L,0,0,CCG X=000013

    ABORT :MPEZ.PUB.TRICORE.%26.%5405:SYSL.%53.%2272


    • Dan TheMan says:

      Found the problem. The system is configured so it assumes any telnet sessions will be HP terminals (default term type 10). Most software won’t care what the terminal type is, but the menu system does – it will go into ‘block mode’ if term type is 10.

      The temporary solution is to use the following hello command to force the terminal type to a non-HP terminal:


      I would expect it very rare for anyone to use this from an HP terminal emulator, so I am going to go back and change the default term type to 18 on all of the other terminal and repost the ZIP file, but it may take a few days to get there.

      • Dan M. says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. That took care of the issue on my side.

        Is there a proper way to disconnect from a telnet session other than closing it out? I’ve tried QUIT and EXIT, but I still have the ‘:’ prompt.

      • Dan TheMan says:

        Though you are connecting to the HP3000 via telenet, it doesn’t know that. It thinks it is a hardwired rs-232 connection so logging off doesn’t disconnect the network.

    • Dan TheMan says:

      The ZIP file is fixed now if you want to download it. You no longer need ‘;term=18’.

  2. Hey there,

    I realize this isn’t quite related to the more single-player games available here, but do you by any chance know of a publicly accessible version of HP3000 empire? I discovered recently that that one I was familiar with has gone down, and I hope the game in general isn’t forgotten on account of no longer being playable.

    I’d love to hear back if this is familiar to you at all. Thanks for the work on this 🙂

    • Dan TheMan says:

      Well, I have the program, but not the configuration data file, and it won’t run without that.

      • Hey,

        Thanks for checking. I’ve been messing with the C++ port which was begun, or possibly completed, a while back. It’s certainly not the same as the original and is giving me its own troubles.

        At least the single-user interactive fiction games work, which I very much appreciate.

  3. Dan TheMan says:

    I checked my tapes and it looks like I may have it though just the executable and no docs or source.

    I put it on my todolist to restore the file I have and see if it is the game. I’ll let you know either way by replying here.

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