Windows Update Blocker, WUG

One of my biggest issues with Windows 10 is the fact that it updates itself whenever the heck it wants. Yes, there is some control, but not enough. I have multiple Win10 systems that are left off for months and when I turn them on, they immediately start updating (downloading) when all I want to do is run a quick test, and just turn it back off.

With all prior versions of Windows, I turn off auto updates, then do a periodic update on all systems simultaneously. I may blow a whole morning doing so, but it is on my own schedule.

I recently found Windows Update Blocker or WUG. It turns auto updating off allowing me to do the updating on the same cycle I update all of my other machines.

I’ve installed it into a test system and I’m watching it. That system had been off for months and it’s not updating, so I it looks like WUB works as advertised.

WUB 1.5 can be found here:

Windows Update Blocker v1.5


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