Importing Quicken Data into gnuCash

Before I went the the procedure of cleaning up my quicken data I attempted an import which failed, of course. Worse, there was no indication of what caused the failure. But I knew my data file was a monster, so I set out to clean it as already discussed.

After cleaning my Quicken data file so that I only had about 18 months of transactions, only open securities, and no unused accounts I tried the import again.

I still have trouble, though I don’t recall the exact error. What I found is I needed to create a very basic chart of accounts before trying import the data. Once I did that, the data imported without failure.

I won’t try to kid anyone. The data imported but it was quite a mess. I easily spent 8 hours cleaning. And that was for maybe 300 transactions, 400 max.

First I had to organize all of the accounts into some sense of structure. Bank accounts in Assets, Quicken expense categories in expenses, etc.

With that done I started checking every asset and liability to make sure the accounts matched between gnuCash and Quicken. I don’t think a single account actually imported cleanly. The largest issue, for me, was a lot of duplicate transactions. I quickly realized most of these were UNCLEARED whereas everything else was cleared. So I would run down the register looking for UNCLEARED transactions, look for a dupe and delete the uncleared.

After that fix, I would still have to go thru the entire register for each account for both systems to verify everything was correct.

Then I checked all transactions for all securities. It did very well on those. Only a few issues.

I believe both sets of books now match. Next up, I need to figure out how to download transactions from the bank.

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