gnuCash and Online Banking: A Complete Failure for Me

I have several bank accounts that quicken downloads transactions for on a daily basis. Every morning, I do a sync and check transactions to make sure everything is legit. I don’t want to loose that ability.

One of my accounts uses Quicken web-connect to provide transactions. gnuCash doesn’t support those web-connect accounts at all. The other accounts use the older and more feature rich direct connect. Purportedly gnuCash supports those.

Unfortunately I was unable to get any of the direct connect accounts to work thru gnuCash’s aqbanking wizard. Most wouldn’t connect due to authorization issues. I know I have the credentials correct, it just doesn’t work.

The only account that made it past authorization then got stuck in the wizard such that I was never able to assign the bank account to  a gnuCash account.

Not being able to download transactions quickly, easily, and daily is a deal breaker for me. gnuCash is off the table.

While working on gnuCash I ran across MoneyDance, a recent finance manager software application. Like Quicken, my data is NOT stored in the “cloud”. It also supposedly supports direct connect accounts though not web connect. I can probably live w/o web-connect, so I’m going to give MoneyDance a chance next.


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