Playing Old Interactive Games (Adventure, Warp, Mystery Mansion) Online

I made a copy of my setup of the simH HP3000 emulator available for download a couple of years ago. There are several downloads of that file every day. Evidently there are a few that really enjoy playing these old games.

I have setup online access to my emulated HP3000 so you can play the games directly through the internet rather than having to download and install the emulator. The downloadable version is still available here:

To access the game system online, follow these instructions.

Set up Telnet Client

Telnet is the only supported protocol into this system and is not initially installed in Windows 7, 8, 0r 10.

If you are using Windows 10, follow these instructions to install Telnet:

If you are using Windows 7, follow these instructions to install Telnet:

Alternatively you can download putty:

Here is an example of configuring putty to use Telnet:

How to telnet using Putty ?

If you use putty, you will most likely need to change how the backspace key works. In putty, in the left column, select Terminal | Keyboard to bring up keyboard settings. Then change the backspace key to use control-H NOT control-?

Using Telnet to Connect to the HP3000 Emulator

You will need to bring up the CMD window

  • pressing the WIN+R keys,
  • typing CMD into the open box
  • and then clicking OK.

At the CMD’s > prompt, type

  • This will connect you to the emulator:
Connected to the HP 3000 simulator ATCD device, line 1
  • Press the ENTER key repeatedly until you see a ‘:’ prompt:
Connected to the HP 3000 simulator ATCD device, line 1 

  • Now type HELLO USER.GAMES:

  • This will log you in and you will see a menu of games:

To play a game, enter the number of the game and press return to begin.


There is no way to exit Trek 73 prematurely. If you want out, close the telnet window.

The emulator supports only 5 simultaneous users. If you are the 6th user you will get a connect message like this:

Connected to the HP 3000 simulator ATCD device, line 6

BUT you will not be able to get a : prompt when you press return.

I make no guarantee nor warranty regarding this emulated system. It may go down for maintenance without any notification and may disappear all together.  If it is abused, that day will be sooner rather than later.

Sep 2020 Update:

I have been requested to add the game Empire, but wasn’t having luck finding it. Recently, someone pointed out its location.

I have installed Empire onto this system.

I have never played this game. Outside of the initial setup I have no knowledge of it. If you are trying to play it and have issues, you can contact me via the email address seen when you login to the HP3000.

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