Calling Pascal procedures to Manipulate the GnuCOBOL String Data Structure

Last episode saw the definition of a string data structure for COBOL. This episode will show how to write Pascal Code to manipulate the string data structure (cst-string).

Using these examples, it would be easy enough to implement any needed string processing procedure.

I have created 3 Pascal procedures: cstset, cstdeb, and cstrightj.

cstset is used to initialize cst-string by moving text from a buffer into cst-string and setting the cst-len appropriately. It replaces the COBOL-only code I did in the prior post.

cstdeb (deblank) will remove leading and trailing spaces from cst-string.

cstrightj (right justify) will right justify the text in cst-string using the specified field width.

To make using these procedures easier, there is a copy book (.cpy file) for each call: cfCstSet, cfCstDeb, and cfCstRightJ.

Rather than describe all of the parts, the following file contains a listing of the Pascal program, commands to compile and execute the Pascal and COBOL code with the resulting run’s output, and finally the compiler’s listing of the COBOL code.

All Listings


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