PMS5000 Air Quality Monitor Part 4 – Installing the Hardware (AKA WordPress BLOCK Mode F****** me)

I wrote a complete explanation of how I installed the PMS5000 and WordPress decided to discard it for me even though I was saving drafts every couple of paragraphs.

A few months ago WordPress decided to drop support for their ‘classic mode’ method for creating posts. Now you have to use their slick as chicken shit block mode editor or whatever the hell they call it. While parts of the new editor are easier to use, I find myself struggling often to do the simplest of things that I already knew how to do in classic mode.

As I have tried to explain to others many many times NEWER rarely means BETTER. It just means DIFFERENT and quite possibly WORSE.

WordPress, along with way too many other products continue to to spend a huge time working on form over function and the end result is a product that is far worse than what they started with.

I am so disappointed in loosing this post that it may very well by my last. I see no point in spending an hour or more writing something that has a small audience only to have it sent to the bit bucket. I keep copious notes in my own project file and I can refer back to those rather than attempt to share my projects here.


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2 Responses to PMS5000 Air Quality Monitor Part 4 – Installing the Hardware (AKA WordPress BLOCK Mode F****** me)

  1. John Dammeyer says:

    Just create PDFs and link to them. John

  2. edrandom says:

    That’s a real blow, to lose your work. And we, your readership, lose it too!

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