Forcing WordPress Back to Allowing Classic Editor

Having had my last post trashed by WordPress’s block editor, I have been avoiding using WordPress at all; however, yesterday I needed to go have a look at a post while using my laptop (which I almost never use with WordPress).

When I got into the Posts view, the posts were being displayed in the old format. Lo and behold the Add | Classic Mode option was again available. Perplexing because I am sure there was no method to bring classic mode up in the past several months. I know I tried.

Then I noticed the ‘screen options’ button and found that would force WordPress back into the new way of displaying.

Went back to my desktop and now it too was magically back in Classic View mode.

I have to assume that has done something recent to make this option available again. I don’t know how long it will last as it has been my understanding they are getting rid of classic mode.

Nevertheless, here is how I switched from showing posts in the Default View (where Classic Mode is NOT available), to showing posts in the Classic View (where it is available).

Select ‘Posts’ from the left column and you will see posts listed the new way with a Screen Options drop down in the upper right corner. Click on this:

This will show the two display formats. Select classic view:

Now to add a new post using the classic editor, click on the drop down arrow and select Classic Editor.

As I said, I am nearly positive this was not available a few months ago. I’m still skeptical that the Classic Editor will be yanked away from me again so I’m not any too excited about posting anything else here.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.




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