Insulating RV Windows

I find myself in a travel trailer for the Holidays. While the days are warm the nights are somewhat to very cold.

The trailer I’m in is a 3 season trailer and does reasonably well in cold temps, but when it is really cold out it is not toasty inside unless I want to run the furnace a lot. Possibly the largest heat lost is thru the single pane windows.

I found myself in this position several years ago and after the fact I heard that using bubble wrap on the windows will raise the R value of the glass from R1 to R2. OK, R2 doesn’t sound great, but that is still 1/2 the heat loss of R1.

On this trip, I will see if bubble wrap helps.

I found a roll of small bubble bubble wrap at Walmart like

Cut the bubble wrap to be a bit smaller than the glass. Clean the window for the best adhesion. Then spray water onto the glass and stick the smooth side of the bubble wrap to the glass.

Here is one of my completed windows

I don’t have a non-contact thermometer to measure the difference between bare glass and the bubble wrap, but just feeling the two there clearly is a difference in the amount of heat being lost.

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