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Connect Serial HP 700/96 Terminal to Raspberry Pi Using a Max3232 TTL to RS-232 Converter Module

Now that I have a functioning terminal, I want to add it to my PiDP-11, but before doing that I want to verify the terminal and the converter module work. So I will connect that to a running Raspberry Pi … Continue reading

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Refurbishing an HP C1400A Keyboard from an HP 700/96 Terminal

I purchased a used HP 700/96 serial terminal for my PDP-11 (PiDP-11) project. It supports VT100/VT220 emulation and I’m well familiar with this terminal, having used it back in the day and I still have one connected to my HP3000. … Continue reading

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Implementing VT100 Terminal Emulation with PiDP-11

I’m trying to get a good grip on the PDP-11’s RT-11 operating system. I’ve read thru much of the RT-11 manual now. The real sticking point has been the default editor. The default editor, KEDIT, is very difficult to use. … Continue reading

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Building the PiDP-11 DEC PDP-11 Replica Minicomputer

For several years, I have eyed Oscar Vermeulen’s PDP-11 replica available at Obsolescence Guaranteed. I finally pulled the trigger this fall and purchased the kit. The kit is well designed and documented: I really took my time building this. Oscar … Continue reading

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Arduino 33 IoT and Raspberry Pi Pico Eval

I’m going to start right off with: These are notes to myself, not a full blown eval or comparison. The Teensy 3.x/4.x is my microcontroller of choice, mainly because I’m so used to using it. The problem has been networking. … Continue reading

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Video of HP3000/XL Series 918 Startup and Shutdown Procedures

This is a quick-ish video of how to Start and shut down an HP3000 :

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Using Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED 35mm Film Scanner with Windows 10

This post documents my attempt to get an old Nikon film scanner running in Windows 10. I purchased this film scanner around 2000 when I was still doing a lot of 35mm film. I wasn’t convinced I wanted what was, … Continue reading

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Simple Example of Embedding a JPG into an Email using Sendmail

In the past I’ve thought about embedding a jpg file into an email generated by a Linux script, but quick looks as to how came up empty so I skipped it. Now I have a situation where I HAVE to … Continue reading

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Quicken Periodically ‘Breaks’ their User Interface with Updates

This blog is not the best forum for problems with Quicken, but the following post was removed from the Quicken forum as ‘disruptive’. Hardly seems disruptive. The folks at Quicken need to know they have quality issues yet it is … Continue reading

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Paint Touch-up Using Ford Motocraft Paint Pen

This post covers how to use a Motocraft touch-up paint pen. Over the years, I had accumulated quite a few rock dings that were starting to get rust in them. I needed to get them fixed to halt the rust. … Continue reading

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