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Watch Dog Timer (WDT) for ESP8266

While messing with an ESP8266 for the past couple of days, I decided I should look into how the watch dog timer operates. Turns out the WDT is enabled automatically for the ESP8266. Most of the library routines reset it … Continue reading

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ESP8266 Temp Sensor Monitor Lab Notes

I recently set up an ESP8266 to monitor 3 Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors and act as a web server to allow viewing of the data on a smart phone. This was an experiment to try a few things: How can … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI (RPI) USB Drive Performance

Several years ago I put a USB hard drive on my development RPI using procedures like this: I knew it helped, but not really to what extent. Today, I had to upgrade the RPI from Wheezy to Jessie to … Continue reading

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Playing Old Interactive Fiction Games on the HP3000

Last year I posted instructions on extracting and running the SIMH HP3000 emulation. I have found that many people downloading this file are doing so to run the Interactive Games on that system: WARP and MANSION. I decided to make … Continue reading

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Woof Off! PCB Files

Göran Cronström graciously shared the PCB CAD files he made for the Woof Off! project.  He created both a SMD version and a PTH version. Awesome, and thanks Göran! The SMD version is here: While the PTH version is … Continue reading

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Upgrade HP3000 SIMH Disk Drive from HP7920 to HP7925

The virtual hard drive that came with SIMH is a 55MB HP7920 disk drive. With just the O/S installed, there isn’t a lot of space left on this drive. This HP3000 can also emulate a 120MB HP7925. This procedure will … Continue reading

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Using Kermit to Transfer files to/from SIMH HP3000

After talking to another HP3000 SIMH user who had no viable way to transfer files to the HP3000, I set out to look for something a bit easier than create a simH tape. OK, using kermit still isn’t simple, but … Continue reading

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Copy files from an HP3000/XL Computer System to a SIMH HP3000/Classic

In my prior post, Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH, my enclosed PDF of instructions discusses getting files onto the SIMH HP3000 using Reflections or creating a SIMH format tape. Both of these options have limitations if you want … Continue reading

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How to Keep a Bolt from Falling out of your Socket Driver (Petroleum Jelly Bolt Holder)

Had to change the EGR valve in my diesel. Was reviewing a video on how to do this when the guy showed a totally cool ‘tip’ on how to keep bolts (or nuts) in a socket driver. I thought this … Continue reading

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Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH

The HP3000  minicomputer was the primary system I programmed from 1978 until 1993 when I moved into networking. I have so many fond memories of that system. I knew the hardware and software backward and forward. I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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