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Copy files from an HP3000/XL Computer System to a SIMH HP3000/Classic

In my prior post, Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH, my enclosed PDF of instructions discusses getting files onto the SIMH HP3000 using Reflections or creating a SIMH format tape. Both of these options have limitations if you want … Continue reading

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How to Keep a Bolt from Falling out of your Socket Driver (Petroleum Jelly Bolt Holder)

Had to change the EGR valve in my diesel. Was reviewing a video on how to do this when the guy showed a totally cool ‘tip’ on how to keep bolts (or nuts) in a socket driver. I thought this … Continue reading

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Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH

The HP3000  minicomputer was the primary system I programmed from 1978 until 1993 when I moved into networking. I have so many fond memories of that system. I knew the hardware and software backward and forward. I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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New Install: Adobe Bridge CS6 Crashes immediately

This problem has wasted hours for me so I’ll document it here. Though I purchased CS6 (back when you could), I never actively used it – I always preferred CS2. Recently I was forced to upgrade my photoshop system from … Continue reading

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Woof Off! – A Device to Control an Out-of-Control Barking Dog

A friend came to me a few months ago asking for help building something to stop his neighbor’s barking dog. I’ve been having the same problem for a few years now, so I was definitely interested. I’m fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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Poor Man’s Conductive Pre-Compliance Testing

I want to do some pre-compliance testing on Scammer Jammer. I have an inexpensive spectrum analyzer to do radiated testing. Conductive testing requires more expensive equipment. First, you need an LISN device and, in my case, it needs to be … Continue reading

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Scammer Jammer Telemarketer Call Blocker

I’ve not posted much in the past 2 years because I’ve been busy on the project that was, in part, due to the research that I ended up posting here. I didn’t want to post anything specifically about this project … Continue reading

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Create MAP file when Compiling for Teensy in Teensyduino

I needed to generate a compiler .MAP file for a project to examine my global variables. Sifting thru various somewhat vague explanations for generating a MAP file in the arduino IDE, I got it figured out. In your Arduino/Teensyduino directory … Continue reading

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Watch Dog Timer (WDT) for Teensy 3.1 and 3.2

I have had an ongoing Teensy project that is rather complex. Once in a great while (months), one of the units will hang somewhere in networking code. This is unacceptable and I’ve needed to implement a WDT, but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Using tcpdump with DD-WRT

I’ve been having a weird networking issue. I’m having trouble determining if it is Comcast’s issue or mine. I see the packets in question leave the remote client, but they never come out the inside ethernet port of my comcast … Continue reading

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