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Installing gnuCOBOL into MinGW

I’ve been away from this project for several months and managed to forget exactly how I was supposed to invoke the COBOL compiler. I had made a note in the post Installing gnuCOBOL on Windows, but that just tells where to … Continue reading

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Portable Air Conditioner Adapter for Casement Window

I’ve lived in this house for many years and every summer, for about a month, the bedroom is just too hot to sleep in until well past bed time. Though I have central A/C, the ducting was designed for heat … Continue reading

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Installing MinGW (for gnuCOBOL)

As I started researching how to install the gnuCOBOL SQL preprocessor, I found that there are no binaries (Windows or Linux). If I’m going to move forward, I’m going to have to be able to  compile the preprocessor. One option … Continue reading

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Installing PostgreSQL (for GnuCOBOL)

I recently wrapped up a couple of mainframe COBOL/DB2 classes at In general, these were refresher courses in COBOL, but I did find the EXEC SQL pre-processor very interesting. I left the COBOL world before SQL was mainstream. When … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Electronics Toolbox

In the early 80’s I stumbled across a Plano 757 tackle box and purchased it to store my small assortment of electronic tools and parts. It quickly ended up at my office where I was constantly having to make cable … Continue reading

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Installing Vino (VNC) on Linux Mint 19.2

I wasted too much time figuring this out so I’ll document it here for future use and if anyone else hits the problem. As of Linux Mint 19.2 (or maybe a little earlier), they stopped including the simple Remote Desktop … Continue reading

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Installing gnuCOBOL on Windows

7 years ago I did some testing with Open COBOL. I wanted to see how well it implemented COBOL and do some performance testing as well. As I recall, the implementation was lacking a bit, but I was still able … Continue reading

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MoneyDance: First Impressions

I did a little testing of MoneyDance and I’ll share what I saw. This is by no means a ‘review’. Installation When I attempted to install MD, I immediately encountered problems. The most recent version is 64bit only. The system … Continue reading

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Playing Old Interactive Games (Adventure, Warp, Mystery Mansion) Online

I made a copy of my setup of the simH HP3000 emulator available for download a couple of years ago. There are several downloads of that file every day. Evidently there are a few that really enjoy playing these old … Continue reading

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gnuCash and Online Banking: A Complete Failure for Me

I have several bank accounts that quicken downloads transactions for on a daily basis. Every morning, I do a sync and check transactions to make sure everything is legit. I don’t want to loose that ability. One of my accounts … Continue reading

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