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Replacing RV Exhaust Vent Cover

I found myself needing to make another unscheduled RV repair whilst on site. I opened the flap on the exhaust vent cover to use the stove top. Afterwards, I went to latch down the flap only to have it bust … Continue reading

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Insulating RV Windows

I find myself in a travel trailer for the Holidays. While the days are warm the nights are somewhat to very cold. The trailer I’m in is a 3 season trailer and does reasonably well in cold temps, but when … Continue reading

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VeeCad / Stripboard Revisited

I’m ready to make a permanent version of my DTMF detector. I’m only going to build 2, maybe 3, of these so it’s not worth it to me to design and manufacture a PCB for the project. Instead, I decided … Continue reading

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DTMF Detector / Decoder Circuit

Note1: The FCC frowns upon you connecting devices to the telephone system (the old copper line network a.k.a. POTS). In my testing, this device is connected to a small PBX. When I’m done it will be connected to a VoIP … Continue reading

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Review: “A Guide to COBOL Programming” (and others) by Daniel D. McCracken

I just wanted to stick this quick note in with my other COBOL posts. Whilst reading the recently published book “The History of the FORTRAN Programming Language”,  mention was made of McCracken’s book, “Digital Computer Programming” written in 1957. This … Continue reading

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Forcing WordPress Back to Allowing Classic Editor

Having had my last post trashed by WordPress’s block editor, I have been avoiding using WordPress at all; however, yesterday I needed to go have a look at a post while using my laptop (which I almost never use with … Continue reading

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PMS5000 Air Quality Monitor Part 4 – Installing the Hardware (AKA WordPress BLOCK Mode F****** me)

I wrote a complete explanation of how I installed the PMS5000 and WordPress decided to discard it for me even though I was saving drafts every couple of paragraphs. A few months ago WordPress decided to drop support for their … Continue reading

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PMS5003 Air Quality Monitor Part 3 – Data Presentation

After getting a week or so worth of data it was time to decide how I wanted to view it. I knew I wanted to see the output on a web page. The software for this project is going to … Continue reading

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PMS5003 Air Quality Monitor Part 2 – Raspberry Pi and SQLite

After watching my little program monitor the PMS5003 air monitor properly for a few days, it was time to move on to the next steps: migrating the program to a Raspberry Pie and writing data to an SQLite database. Moving … Continue reading

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Reading PMS5003 Air Quality Sensors with Windows and Free Pascal

Some time in the past several months, the PMS5003 Air quality sensor came to my attention. This sensor allows you to monitor PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10 particles in the air. Some times the air quality around these parts gets quite … Continue reading

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