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Windows Update Blocker, WUG

One of my biggest issues with Windows 10 is the fact that it updates itself whenever the heck it wants. Yes, there is some control, but not enough. I have multiple Win10 systems that are left off for months and … Continue reading

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Using FPCUPDELUXE to Create (Free Pascal) Lazarus Compilers of Different Versions

I use stable versions of the Lazarus/Free Pascal compiler for my production projects. Decades of experience has left me very leery of the latest and greatest of any software. For Lazarus, that means going to SourceForge ( and using a … Continue reading

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Watch Dog Timer (WDT) for ESP8266

While messing with an ESP8266 for the past couple of days, I decided I should look into how the watch dog timer operates. Turns out the WDT is enabled automatically for the ESP8266. Most of the library routines reset it … Continue reading

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ESP8266 Temp Sensor Monitor Lab Notes

I recently set up an ESP8266 to monitor 3 Dallas DS18B20 temperature sensors and act as a web server to allow viewing of the data on a smart phone. This was an experiment to try a few things: How can … Continue reading

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Raspberry PI (RPI) USB Drive Performance

Several years ago I put a USB hard drive on my development RPI using procedures like this: I knew it helped, but not really to what extent. Today, I had to upgrade the RPI from Wheezy to Jessie to … Continue reading

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Playing Old Interactive Fiction Games on the HP3000

Last year I posted instructions on extracting and running the SIMH HP3000 emulation. I have found that many people downloading this file are doing so to run the Interactive Games on that system: WARP and MANSION. I decided to make … Continue reading

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Woof Off! PCB Files

Göran Cronström graciously shared the PCB CAD files he made for the Woof Off! project.  He created both a SMD version and a PTH version. Awesome, and thanks Göran! The SMD version is here: While the PTH version is … Continue reading

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Upgrade HP3000 SIMH Disk Drive from HP7920 to HP7925

The virtual hard drive that came with SIMH is a 55MB HP7920 disk drive. With just the O/S installed, there isn’t a lot of space left on this drive. This HP3000 can also emulate a 120MB HP7925. This procedure will … Continue reading

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Using Kermit to Transfer files to/from SIMH HP3000

After talking to another HP3000 SIMH user who had no viable way to transfer files to the HP3000, I set out to look for something a bit easier than create a simH tape. OK, using kermit still isn’t simple, but … Continue reading

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Copy files from an HP3000/XL Computer System to a SIMH HP3000/Classic

In my prior post, Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH, my enclosed PDF of instructions discusses getting files onto the SIMH HP3000 using Reflections or creating a SIMH format tape. Both of these options have limitations if you want … Continue reading

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