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Arduino, GPS, GSM/GPRS: Transmitting GPS Coordinates via UDP to Google Maps

This is a somewhat involved project. Using an Arduino, I read coordinates from a u-blox GPS, then use a GSM/GPRS cell radio to transmit those coordinates via UDP every 60 seconds to a Raspberry Pi running a LIGHTTPD web server. … Continue reading

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Arduino, GPS, and SMS: Texting GPS Coordinates

I started playing around with this GPRS shield that I recently purchased from Amazon for a mere $30: The MFG’s website is here and the WIKI for the device is here: Some other good reference sites I found … Continue reading

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High Checksum Errors with u-blox NEO-6M GPS and Arduino

I’m trying to implement some of my own code to read my GPS and I noticed the checksums were really high. I looked back at my initial test of the GPS and found I was getting high errors then too. … Continue reading

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Arduino, HMC5883L, and a Voltmeter: Voltmeter Compass

I recently purchased an AdaFruit HMC5883L Compass Breakout board for $10: It’s a simple device. It will work with 3.3V and 5V, and  uses I2C for communications. Interfacing with an Arduino is very easy. I have a project in the … Continue reading

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The, Very Frustrating, NRF24L01+

I have tried out many different devices with the Arduino and generally I can get a simple test working pretty quick on even the most complex. That sure hasn’t been the case with the NRF24L01+ RF transceiver. It seems this … Continue reading

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Can’t Get I2C to Work on an Arduino Nano? (Pinout Diagrams)

Maybe it is because many of the pinout diagrams for the Nano have SCL and SDA on the wrong pins. You probably think (as I did and as the guys laying out the pinout diagrams) that these would be on … Continue reading

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Code Upload to Arduino Mega hangs but Uploads Fine to Arduino Uno

I first hit this problem several years ago when writing a really big program that had to run on a Mega. Then I hit it again last night and had to try to remember the cause. I believe this is … Continue reading

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LinkSprite LCD/Keypad Arduino Shield for Software Configuration

All of my production Arduino projects allow some sort of configuration changes. Various operational constants are maintained in EEPROM. When the Arduino is first started, I can change these settings and rewrite them into EEPROM if I have a terminal … Continue reading

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Connecting u-blox NEO-6M GPS to Arduino

I picked up a u-blox NEO-6M GPS like this: for $28 from Connecting the GPS a PC First My first step was to connect the GPS to a PC first and make sure I could get it to … Continue reading

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Interfacing DG600F Coin Acceptor to Arduino

I helped a kid at the local STEM school with this project. Sparkfun has a good video on getting the coin acceptor programmed, and they have a link to the datasheet which is fairly readable, but I could find no … Continue reading

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