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Free Pascal / Lazarus

Create Demo Application Using Lazarus for Android

I created this video for myself showing the basic steps for creating a very simple Android program using Lazarus. I am the intended audience and the intended audience cares about the content not the video quality, so don’t expect it … Continue reading

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Using FPCUPDELUXE to Create (Free Pascal) Lazarus Compilers of Different Versions

I use stable versions of the Lazarus/Free Pascal compiler for my production projects. Decades of experience has left me very leery of the latest and greatest of any software. For Lazarus, that means going to SourceForge ( and using a … Continue reading

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Scammer Jammer Telemarketer Call Blocker

I’ve not posted much in the past 2 years because I’ve been busy on the project that was, in part, due to the research that I ended up posting here. I didn’t want to post anything specifically about this project … Continue reading

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Using Modulus Arithmetic to Navigate a Circular List

I have to go thru my notes every so often to find the formula for navigating backwards, so I’ll post this stuff here in case anyone else finds it useful. Modulus math is very handy for dealing with circular functions … Continue reading

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Using Lazarus / Free Pascal to Communicate with ESP8266

In my prior post, ESP8266/Arduino IDE: Building an LED Blink Server, I documented the creation of an LED blink server that runs on an ESP8266. Now I’m going to show how to access that ESP8266 using Lazarus. Because Lazarus can … Continue reading

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Using Lazarus and the Adafruit PiTFT Display + TouchScreen for RaspBerry Pi

I recently purchased an Adafruit PiTFT TFT/Touchscreen for my Raspberry Pi thinking I might want to use it to monitor status of a project on which I am working. It cost $35. Not sure if I would call that reasonable … Continue reading

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Compiling the Latest Lazarus/Free Pascal for Raspberry Pi

(updated Sep 2017 to discuss latest seed/bootstrap compiler) I have long wanted a recent version of Lazarus for Raspberry Pi. I’ve looked at recompiling it, but the exact instructions have been hard to come by. Until last week! I accidently … Continue reading

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ESP8266 UDP to/from Raspberry Pi running Lazaraus / Free Pascal

(click here to see index of all ESP8266 posts) This is a variation on the theme of the prior post, except in this case, the ESP8266 sends a UDP packet to the RPI which processes it using Lazarus / Free … Continue reading

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Reading Raspberry Pi GPIO Pins using Lazarus / Free Pascal

Way back when, I did a simple example of using Free Pascal to turn an LED on and off: Accessing Raspberry Pi GPIO using Lazarus/Free Pascal To date, that has been the most I’ve needed to do to the real … Continue reading

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Sunrise / Sunset Algorithm Implemented in Free Pascal / Lazarus

I needed to know sunrise / sunset times and wasn’t happy with any Pascal implementations I found. This code was implemented using the algorithm found at This is a simple unit that can be easily implemented. There are no … Continue reading

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