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Replacing RV Exhaust Vent Cover

I found myself needing to make another unscheduled RV repair whilst on site. I opened the flap on the exhaust vent cover to use the stove top. Afterwards, I went to latch down the flap only to have it bust … Continue reading

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Insulating RV Windows

I find myself in a travel trailer for the Holidays. While the days are warm the nights are somewhat to very cold. The trailer I’m in is a 3 season trailer and does reasonably well in cold temps, but when … Continue reading

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Forcing WordPress Back to Allowing Classic Editor

Having had my last post trashed by WordPress’s block editor, I have been avoiding using WordPress at all; however, yesterday I needed to go have a look at a post while using my laptop (which I almost never use with … Continue reading

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Portable Air Conditioner Adapter for Casement Window

I’ve lived in this house for many years and every summer, for about a month, the bedroom is just too hot to sleep in until well past bed time. Though I have central A/C, the ducting was designed for heat … Continue reading

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Installing Vino (VNC) on Linux Mint 19.2

I wasted too much time figuring this out so I’ll document it here for future use and if anyone else hits the problem. As of Linux Mint 19.2 (or maybe a little earlier), they stopped including the simple Remote Desktop … Continue reading

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MoneyDance: First Impressions

I did a little testing of MoneyDance and I’ll share what I saw. This is by no means a ‘review’. Installation When I attempted to install MD, I immediately encountered problems. The most recent version is 64bit only. The system … Continue reading

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Can Canned Fuel (Sterno) Boil Water?

Short answer: Yes, but slowly. I have a small electric inductive burner I can run from my generator and a similar propane burner with a converter that allows it to run from either small green propane tanks or a larger … Continue reading

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How to Keep a Bolt from Falling out of your Socket Driver (Petroleum Jelly Bolt Holder)

Had to change the EGR valve in my diesel. Was reviewing a video on how to do this when the guy showed a totally cool ‘tip’ on how to keep bolts (or nuts) in a socket driver. I thought this … Continue reading

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Scammer Jammer Telemarketer Call Blocker

I’ve not posted much in the past 2 years because I’ve been busy on the project that was, in part, due to the research that I ended up posting here. I didn’t want to post anything specifically about this project … Continue reading

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Using tcpdump with DD-WRT

I’ve been having a weird networking issue. I’m having trouble determining if it is Comcast’s issue or mine. I see the packets in question leave the remote client, but they never come out the inside ethernet port of my comcast … Continue reading

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