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Lenovo M58p Windows XP 32bit Driver for ACPI\WEC1000

Just want to post this to a public location in case anyone else has the same problem. After watching a service tech spend hours looking for an unknown device identified as ACPI\WEC1000 to install XP on a used Lenovo M58p … Continue reading

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Windows XP Driver for Dell Wifi Card DW1506 on a Vostro 270

I just want to post this in case there is any one else trying to do the same thing. I have a Dell Vostro 270 that I want to run Windows XP on. My prior post concerning the Conexant Audio … Continue reading

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Windows XP Driver for Conexant HD Audio Running on a Dell Vostro 270

(Note: according to EP in the comments below, Dell posted an updated XP driver since I wrote this entry. Dell’s driver is at I have not tested this myself – see EP’s comment below for further information). May 2014 … Continue reading

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DHCP Assigned ‘Static’ Addresses

I have a couple of laptops. When I’m using them at home I would prefer they have static IP addresses like my desktops. This allows me to remote into them via VNC by name. Having the IP address change on … Continue reading

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WSUSOFFLINE – Windows Updates Offline

This weekend I had to rebuild my laptop. It’s been running WinXP for a solid 5+ years now and is my ‘sacrificial lamb’ – when I try something risky I do it on the laptop so I won’t mess up … Continue reading

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Wake On LAN Revisited

The downside to trying a new technology, at least for me, is if it doesn’t work well, you might miss out when it finally does. I tried Wake On LAN when it first came out. I don’t recall the exact … Continue reading

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Unix Utilities a.k.a. UNXUTILS

Since I’m thinking about Unix, I’ll share one of my favorite set of utilities as well. I spent a big chunk of my time using MPE on the HP3000. Although MPE was a proprietary operating system, it was designed at … Continue reading

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Dan’s Unix/Linux Cheat Sheet

People have asked me for this repeatedly over the years and I still need to refer to it on occasion (just today in fact), so I thought this would make a good entry for today. I wrote it when transitioning … Continue reading

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Bring Back Windows XP | News & Opinion |

I’m not the only one that would like to see XP continue on:,2817,2422420,00.asp

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Moving In Day!

I’m moving in to my new Vostro 270 Windows XP system today. I am SO sick of the Windows 7 issues that have plagued me for the past 9 months. When I saw someone selling a brand new Core-I3 system … Continue reading

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