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Installing gnuCOBOL on Windows

7 years ago I did some testing with Open COBOL. I wanted to see how well it implemented COBOL and do some performance testing as well. As I recall, the implementation was lacking a bit, but I was still able … Continue reading

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Upgrade HP3000 SIMH Disk Drive from HP7920 to HP7925

The virtual hard drive that came with SIMH is a 55MB HP7920 disk drive. With just the O/S installed, there isn’t a lot of space left on this drive. This HP3000 can also emulate a 120MB HP7925. This procedure will … Continue reading

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Using Kermit to Transfer files to/from SIMH HP3000

After talking to another HP3000 SIMH user who had no viable way to transfer files to the HP3000, I set out to look for something a bit easier than create a simH tape. OK, using kermit still isn’t simple, but … Continue reading

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Copy files from an HP3000/XL Computer System to a SIMH HP3000/Classic

In my prior post, Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH, my enclosed PDF of instructions discusses getting files onto the SIMH HP3000 using Reflections or creating a SIMH format tape. Both of these options have limitations if you want … Continue reading

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Watch Dog Timer (WDT) for Teensy 3.1 and 3.2

I have had an ongoing Teensy project that is rather complex. Once in a great while (months), one of the units will hang somewhere in networking code. This is unacceptable and I’ve needed to implement a WDT, but I’ve been … Continue reading

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Making a Data Only Cable For Teensy/Arduino/Nano

Been working on a complicated teensy project that is going to the other side of the state for testing. So I’ve been building a testing platform that consists of a Raspberry Pi connected to the Teensy via USB. I can … Continue reading

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Using Bondic Plastic Welder (Glue)

I was given a Bondic applicator a few months ago: Found here for about $23: I finally got around to using it today. The stuff works great for me. I noticed one of the bars of the luggage rack … Continue reading

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Wiring Wiz820io Ethernet Module to Teensy 3.1 (or 3.2)

I have a Teensy 3.1 and Wiz820io Ethernet Module I want to connect together. PJRC does sell a little shield for the Wiz820io, but I plan to mount the Teensy to a PCB and want to do the same with … Continue reading

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FCC Proposes Blocking ‘Hacking’ of Router Firmware

I can’t really add more than can be found here. Please, send feedback to the FCC, there are only a few days left.  

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Using Just BASIC to Give a Young Person a Glimpse at Programming

I periodically either am asked what language should be used to show a young person, typically a high schooler, the basic concepts of programming or I find I am in the position of giving a quick explanation myself. All of … Continue reading

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