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Arduino, GPS, and SMS: Texting GPS Coordinates

I started playing around with this GPRS shield that I recently purchased from Amazon for a mere $30: The MFG’s website is here http://www.geeetech.com/gprsgsm-sim900-shield-board-arduino-compatible-p-610.html and the WIKI for the device is here: http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Arduino_GPRS_Shield Some other good reference sites I found … Continue reading

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Connecting u-blox NEO-6M GPS to Raspberry Pi

Previously, I connected a u-blox GPS to an arduino and got it functioning. Today I connected it to my Raspberry Pi, got the GPS daemon running, figured out how to get GPS information from the command line, and finally made … Continue reading

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Connecting u-blox NEO-6M GPS to Arduino

I picked up a u-blox NEO-6M GPS like this: for $28 from yourduino.com: http://yourduino.com/sunshop2/index.php?l=product_detail&p=389 Connecting the GPS a PC First My first step was to connect the GPS to a PC first and make sure I could get it to … Continue reading

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