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Instructions for Emulating an HP3000 with SIMH

The HP3000  minicomputer was the primary system I programmed from 1978 until 1993 when I moved into networking. I have so many fond memories of that system. I knew the hardware and software backward and forward. I was fortunate enough … Continue reading

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MPEZ is Operational Again

I started restoring some files into my HP3000 emulator. First task at hand is getting MPEZ running again. It was failing with unresolved externals SET’BREAKPNT and CLEAR’BREAKPNT. It seemed very odd to me that MPE stopped supporting this between the … Continue reading

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HP3000 Emulator Revisited

It is a wet, cool day – a good day to stay inside and work at my computer. So I decided to do something completely off the todo list: try to get my HP3000 emulator fully functional. I installed vmplayer … Continue reading

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